The Website Obesity Crisis [Repost]

January 14th, 2019

I don’t usually repost other people’s articles, but this one is worth reading (even if just for the laughs). I’m certainly guilty, sometimes.

The Free Rider Problem

November 30th, 2018

The Free Rider Problem applies to free and open source software really well. If you’re a maintainer, read it up.

Open Source Software and the Constructal Law, or why the FOSS is strong

June 16th, 2018

For a finite-size system to persist in time (to live), it must evolve in such a way that it provides easier access to the imposed currents that flow through it. (Adrian Bejan) If you’ve never heard of the Constructal Law, a good place to start is Wikipedia. While we can criticize at length its universal validity as a “law”, there’s some pretty good evidence that it applies well to human-made processes and designs. And software is a human-made design. How […]

GIS Icons, Maple Project

May 22nd, 2018

It’s been a while since I’ve designed some icons. I’ve based some of them out of the IcoMoon dataset, made some from scratch and colored them to match a palette. These are going to be available as part of VirtualGIS‘s first Maple release. Stay tuned.

Hacking Mapbox Unity SDK to Get Sub-Meter Coordinates Accuracy in iOS

May 11th, 2018

AR is a particularly interesting technology when combined with geospatial. AR provides an intuitive interface to navigate and understand the world in 3D. Some geospatial applications need precision. Consumer phones and tablets’ GPS units are not particularly accurate, so this is often not a concern. If we encode latitude and longitude data using single precision floats, we can expect to be off. How off? So if we need sub-meter accuracy, we need to exercise care. Mapbox Unity SDK makes it easy […]

Running ROS on Arch Linux (The Easy Way with Docker)

February 24th, 2018

Installing ROS on Arch is a pain in the rear. The fact that Arch is a rolling release distro makes it difficult to compile most of ROS dependencies. Even if you eventually manage to compile everything, you will find yourself running into all sorts of trouble compiling third party libraries, fixing problems between Python 3 and Python 2 and don’t even ask what happens when you do a system update. Save yourself the trouble and use docker. You will be up […]

How to Write a CGAL Polyhedron to PLY (or any other format)

April 18th, 2017

I ended up having to read the CGAL source code to figure this one out. There you go. You’re welcome.

Use Your Kindle as an External Monitor (well, almost)

April 21st, 2015

You can share a terminal session using your Kindle, which means you can use it as an external monitor for text-only applications. You won’t be able to do much web browsing or design work beside ASCII art, but if you’re a coder or a sysadmin, I’m sure this is not really going to bother you. Here’s a brief list of steps required to get this hack working. Jailbreak your Kindle. Install a Terminal application on it so that you can open […]

Hack to fix WordPress 3.5 Add Media issue when using Flexible Lightbox

July 25th, 2014

The problem: You cannot add media images on WordPress >= 3.5 when using the “Add Media” button in the WordPress editor. You are also using the Flexible Lightbox plugin, which is the root cause of the issue. Here comes a dirty, quick, ugly and imperfect hack to the rescue: Find your wp-admin/post-new.php file Scroll to the end of the file, and modify the file as follow: Before: After: This should also serve as an example of code not to write.

I’m releasing the source code of Snappy Frog, a Libgdx game for Desktop, Android, iOS, OUYA and Amazon Fire

July 25th, 2014

Back at the beginning of May, while my wife and I were getting ready for our upcoming trip around the United States, I picked up the following challenge: Build a Flappy Bird like game. No commercial software allowed. Three weeks of time. Bring it to as many platforms as possible. Sound and textures had to be made from scratch. After some research, I ended up choosing the following open source tools to achieve my goal: Libgdx: a great multiplatform game […]