About me

I’m a software developer. I currently specialize in geospatial and drone software development, with a focus on computer vision and augmented reality. My computer education mainly comes from self-teaching, although I have a CS degree from the University of Minnesota Duluth that is collecting dust in my drawer.

I’m an advocate of open source software as a commercially sustainable business model. I think it’s a direct expression of the Constructal Law and destined to make most proprietary software business models obsolete within the next 50 years.

I’m mostly proficient in ECMAscript, Node.js, HTML5, CSS3, Ruby, Python, PHP, C/C++, Java, SQL, C#, Objective-C, Swift, Bash and Go, but I’m always eager to learn a new tool if it can help solve my problem more easily or quickly.

I’m an active contributor on GitHub. I work mostly on WebODM (founder and maintainer), OpenDroneMap (maintainer), Maple (founder and maintainer), Cesium (contributor) and PDAL (contributor).

I speak fluent English, Italian (I lived in Italy for 18 years) and Triestine.

I live in sunny Clearwater, Florida, I enjoy windsurfing, beach volleyball and practicing Aikido. In 2014 I bought a popup camper and traveled non-stop around the United States for a year, so you’ll find quite a few stories about that here.

For fun I occasionally accept random invitations to interview for big software companies because I like solving software puzzles and see new places, but I never have any intention of accepting a job offer. Recruiters if you are reading this don’t waste your time.