Oculus Rift – First Thoughts

May 6th, 2018

I bought an Oculus Rift. Like with most technologies, I’m usually a “late adopter” (for developer standards) since I enjoy more tested products and lower prices.

I was quite impressed. Although the video resolution is still far from HD, you are tethered via cable and need several tutorials to get the hang of the touch controllers, the experience is amazing. No doubt, this is the future of videogaming. If you can fork out the money to buy a serious gaming PC and the VR equipment, you won’t be disappointed.

VR came out so long ago. Yet it’s taking so long for it to reach the wider consumer public. Feels a bit like buying one of the first personal computers in the 1990s. Pricey, limited functionality, a bit clunky and requiring some extensive setup. That didn’t stop PCs from arriving in everyone’s home eventually, so I believe VR will follow a similar trend.

I also noticed a feeling of isolation after being immersed for a few hours. It felt a bit like going on a long hike by yourself. It was amazing, but there was nobody I could talk to about. It’s no surprise that Oculus (Facebook) is pushing experiments toward social interactions in VR.

Such exciting times.



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