How Do You Think of Great App Ideas?

February 20th, 2015


I have a theory: if you think of ways to make money, your mind will automatically pursue ideas that already exist (because ideas that have already made money, already exist). If you think of ways to help people accomplish something new and useful with technology, monetization doesn’t matter . If your app helps to solve a problem that people have, in a novel way, then you have a great idea! Don’t worry about the cash. It will eventually follow. Instead, focus on building something new and useful, for a big number of people.

This is the driving philosophy behind MySkinPal. I have several moles on my body that I want to keep track of. But every app that I found out there either costs money, or it’s extremely painful and/or difficult to use. So I thought of making one that would solve the problem of tracking and analyzing moles, in a novel way.

Even if you are not a developer, you can still think of ways to use technology for something good! Starting a conversation with somebody technical might just be the beginning of a new idea that could become reality and impact people’s life.

Now get out there, and create something new.


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  1. That’s a great point. Trying to simply make money won’t really result in new, innovative ideas. Thanks for this great, quick post!

    Comment by Ritika Trikha — March 5, 2015 @ 6:39 pm

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