Tips on buying Apple products at a discount

March 29th, 2014

I recently decided to purchase a Mac Mini to do some mobile app development, after a few years of being away from the mobile app industry. Not surprisingly, it is still costly to purchase Apple hardware. So here are a few things that I discovered while hunting for good deals on used/refurbished Apple products.

  1. It’s unlikely that you will find a used bargain on websites like eBay or Amazon. Most Apple products seem to retain their perceived value even after being used for a few years. With that said, there are a few exceptions and you might get lucky if you are looking for a product older than a few years that doesn’t run the latest version of OSX/iOS. If you use eBay, make sure you learn how to use an auction sniper service
  2. Keep an eye on Craigslist for people that are looking to get rid of their Apple products. I have seen several offers (like this one for a MacBookAir) that seem undervalued compared to identical postings on eBay.
  3. Check out the Apple Refurbished store. Their inventory is quite volatile, some days a product will be available, then a few days later it will be out-of-stock. Without having to keep on constantly checking their website, use a notification service like refurb-tracker. When the items you are looking for become available, the tracking service will notify you via e-mail or text.
  4. If you are a student or a faculty (or *cough* *cough* if you have a .edu e-mail) you can take advantage of their student discounts.

How do you find deals on Apple products? Would love to hear suggestions in order to improve this list.



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